Thailand Travel and Retirement Services


Scott has 27 years of experience with travel in Thailand and Laos, setting up businesses in Thailand, applying for Thai visas, including Thai Retirement Visa’s. Scott also has experience with Thai dating and finding the right match for American’s that may want to find romance in Thailand. Kotchakon “Sammy” is also assisting with Thai Travel and Retirement Services. Sammy resides in Florida too. Sammy was born in Korat Thailand, speaks several languages and travels back and forth between the US and Thailand. We have a extensive knowledge of the political situation in Thailand and a network of staff and resources in Thailand to assist with all tourist needs, including:

  • Where are the best travel destinations¬†in Thailand to visit, live, retire and find romance
  • Best and cheapest travel options to get from any USA gateway to Bangkok or Chang Mai, Thailand.
  • Using travel awards and acquiring the best available travel miles for multiple trip to Asia
  • Best places to stay and places to stay away from.
  • Best Cities for American Tourists and Expat’s to live, rent, buy property and own a business in Thailand.
  • How to apply for travel Visas, Retirement Visas and extended stay options in this dynamic political system
  • How to start up a business in Thailand and create a small income stream
  • Tips and Travel information for excursions to Vietnam and Laos
  • TT&RS will provide greeting services upon your arrival, airport pick up and transfers to your hotel of choice
  • The best websites to meet and communicate with genuine hard working and intelligent Thai ladies

TT&RS provides verification services for Americans that want to meet Thai ladies. Our Thai staff based in Korat Thailand can talk to your ladies of choice and confirm if the person you are talking to is in fact what they are purported to be. Thailand is a beautiful country with mostly friendly and genuine ladies, however, there are many ladies that may try to deceive tourists on who they are and even what gender they may be. We can verify their authenticity discreetly and with courtesy by Thai speaking staff members

Scott Resume and Information – 27 years experience in Thailand, Living and business owner in Udon Thani and Khonkaen, Thailand. Travelled throughout all regions of Thailand from Krabi, Phuket, Hua Hin, Rayong, Jointiem Beach, Pattaya Beach, Bangkok, Korat, Khonkaen, Udon Thaini, Chang Mai, Chang Rai, Thailand. Luang Prabang and Vientiene Laos and soon Ho Chi Min City

Sammy РLiving in Thailand for over 30 years and now in Florida. Sami was born in Korat Thailand. She moved to Minnesota in 2002. She now resides in Florida. She travels to thailand frequently. She is well versed in travel in Thailand, visa requirements and sponsoring students from Thailand to come to America.


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Scott +1 (727) 331-7922 text USA
Scott +66 0 99 2163006 Thai (from USA)
Scott 09 216 3007 Thai (from Thailand)